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Vieri: “There’s nobody like Gosens in Europe.”

Christian Vieri

During the episode of Bobo Tv this evening, Vieri, Cassano, Adani and Ventola commented on the transfers of this Winter session. They started with Vlahovic saying that it is a superbe signing by Andrea Agnelli.They confirmed that Juve have to  try to win scudetto and that it would be a disgrace if they don’t secure a Champions League spot.

As of Gosens’acquisition, they defined it as exceptional, given the amount of money spent and the quality of the player. It was a move perfect timed since things were not going so well for him. In their opinion,  for a player of this caliber, you should spend a lot more. An excellent move made by Marotta and Ausilio.

In particular, former Inter striker Vieri said: “There’s no one else in Europe like Gosens. Inter did the best job they could do by bringing home the German left wing. He scores a lot of goals and provides as many assists, he will be decisive this season and in the years to come.

The livestream guests went on to praise the work of the Milanese managers. They also mentioned Caicedo’s arrival as a good signing who fits in with the coach’s style of play.