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CalcioMercato – Inter make Mertens advancements

Mertens is getting closer and closer to the Nerazzurri.  Napoli are still hopeful but Inter are optimistic that Mertens will eventually reach Milan.

Martinez Quarta: The New Otamendi?

in this article I analyse Lucas Martinez Quarta of River Plate, giving precises details about his style of play

INTER-MILAN: Match Preview

I explain some stats of the derby and all things that we should consider prior to the match of sunday

Handanovic’s injury update

Here is an updated version of the medical report for what concerns Handanovic's condition.

Possible contract extensions

In this article I talk about possible contract extensions for Lautaro and Handanovic, until 2022 for the goalkeeper and delete the clausole of 111 million euros for the Argentinian.

Lazaro close to Premier League move

After having formalized the arrival of Ashley Young, Inter is continuing his connections with English teams.

Ashley Young close to Inter deal

Inter and Manchester United are about to reach an agreement for the transfer of Ashley Young to the city of Milano.

Another clue: Vidal closer and closer

vidal is closer to becoming black and blue and this is another clue that could confirm his transfer

Gabigol wins the South-American Ballon d’or

Gabigol has won the 2019 South America Baloon d'or and it is time for rge Nerazzurri to find a good solution for him in terms of value and money that could be earned.

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