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Inter streamline attack search to Beto and Balogun


With the lost of Edin Dzeko and Romelu Lukaku who played a key role in Inter’s domestic and champions league run last season, the club is key on signing a notable replacement and Arsenal’s Folarin Balogun remains a major target as we approach league resumption.

Zhang, president of Inter is working hard with the management to get the pressing needs of the club at the moment. He has been up and running and was even with the club in Tokyo, a destination he arrived a day before Inzaghi and his men.

“It’s my team, this is my Inter: younger, stronger, more innovative. We’re chasing the second star,” he said in a meeting with the players and the management.

Zhang had lunch with the team and with Simone Inzaghi, whom he asked for his first impressions of the new players. Just with the latest arrivals, the president stopped to exchange a few jokes, basically a way to “make a family”. But then he got down to business.

Zhang met live with Piero Ausilio, the sporting director who landed in Japan just yesterday, and electronically with the CEO Beppe Marotta, who remained in Milan for an in-depth report, also in the light of the first indications of the current pre-season.

The goalkeeping department is of the utmost importance to the team at the moment and the issue of Sommer there is certain intolerance surrounding the wait, but also the belief that the deal will not blow through and the Swiss will be with Inzaghi when he returns from Japan.

The focus, if anything, was on the attack and with Alvaro Morata out of the picture, the attention is now on Balogun and Beto.

Folarin Balogun

Inter will need at least 40 million euros and this is the reason for the delay in approach from the Nerazzurri.

Certainly, Inter need to think in perspective. And therefore, Zhang’s indication was clear to chase players who also have a growth perspective, in all respects. In short, that the investment is also economic, not just sporting. The president and the management all think like this. Management that last night Zhang wanted to cross paths with the top management of a company that he personally presides over and that operates in Japan, Laox, in the fashion and luxury retail sector.

Inter is expeced to make an official bid for a striker in the coming days one of which will be Udinese’ Beto or Arsenal’s Balogun