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Thank you Icardi – The Rise and Fall

The ongoing saga of Mauro Icardi and Inter seemed to have concluded this week. Drama was not too far for the striker both on and off the field.

CdS – ADL Interview: Ancelotti key factor in rumours of Icardi...

When interviewed by CdS, Aurelio De Laurentis was questioned regarding the rumours of Icardi to Napoli, widely speculated by the media. The €60-70m price tag...

Di Marzio: Juventus’ Paratici in talks with Wanda.

According to Sky Sports Italia's transfer expert Gianluca Di Marzio, there are meetings happening between Wanda and Fabio Paratici. With both Paratici and Wanda in...

The Icardi Conundrum Part II

This is a reply counter article to this awesomely optimistic piece by Inter Worldwide writer Santo Merlo, who outlined below the reasons Inter should consider holding onto disgraced former captain Mauro Icardi. 

The Icardi Conundrum

Santo dives into the never ending Icardi saga. Giving his opinion & take on the direction the club should go with the issue.

CDS – Wanda calls Conte: The details

Mauro Icardi's departure from Inter seems inevitable at this point. Antonio Conte, has made it clear that the Argentine is not a part of his plans.

Wanda “happy” with Icardi’s return to the starting XI

Mauro Icardi has returned to the starting XI after 6 weeks of absence. Wanda on Tiki-Taka, commented on his return for the last 2...

Clowns to his circus!

Let's not be hypocrites, let's say the truth. That Mauro was never a captain and true leader in the locker room

The last chapter of the Icardi affair?

It seems the storm has passed. Seems. As speculations continue to emerge on the pages of websites and newspapers around the world, here we...

Icardi speaks up with Instagram statement

The latest episode of the Icardi saga, which has frankly come to resemble a frustrating soap-opera at this point, has the player himself as...

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