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The Icardi Conundrum

Should he stay or should he go?


Let’s all agree on one point:

An “In-form” Icardi is one of the best strikers in the world.

We all know where it went wrong, and the fall out from the situation. We know where it went wrong, but we don’t know the honest truth to why.

Without doubt there was tension between Wanda and the Club, most likely Spalletti which resulted in the captaincy being stripped from him mid-season. It may have been tensions between the Balkan crew, namely Perisic, who has openly stated his desire to move to the Premier League for the last two seasons. Perisic was clearly one of Spalletti’s favourite’s and commonly played him regardless of form. If other rumours are to be believed, the issue was cause by Icardi after a locker room argument where Icardi confronted Spalletti about his attitude towards his team-mates after an unconvincing win. We may never know what really happened and we only have the aftermath to deal with now.

The Inter hierarchy are now in a position where they need to realistically evaluate the situation and what is best for the club. We can’t believe all of the fantasy talk we hear about daily.

12 months ago, a realistic price tag on Icardi was 100 million euros. Maybe this was too cheap, given how we wanted to get a new contract on the table and remove the release clause. Wanda at one point thought he was worth a ludicrous 200 million euros. At that time, Real Madrid emerged as likely front runners for his service. But now after the imminent signing of Luka Jovic negating the need for his services, who else could sign him?

Juventus – the story of the transfer window. “Icardi and Dybala swap”. Would this be satisfactory for either party? Arguably Dybala is not the striker we need. Dybala is very similar to our emerging talent, Lautaro. They are effective support strikers, but rely on the presence of a target man – a focal point for the attack. An Icardi? More on this later as this could benefit Inter, if we sign a true replacement for him in parallel. Do Juventus actually need him with the likes of CR7 (Soon to be deployed as CR9 if rumours are to be believed in a more CF role). They still have Higuain, Kean and Mandzukic that could walk into most starting elevens.

Manchester United – Replace a fallen fan favourite, Lukaku? Would most definitely improve their squad, but what would it do for ours? He rose to prominence at Everton and was crowned a fan favourite before moving to M.U, had a great couple of seasons and is already a shadow of his former self. Maybe Conte can rediscover the Lukaku of old, but is that gamble worth paying close to the 77 million pounds Manchester United paid to secure his services.

Back to Icardi.- How much can we honestly get for him?

What is he worth in the current market? If reports are to be believed, we currently have a 60 million euro price on his head. Almost half of his previous release clause. If we are to believe the same reports, even at 60 million there is no interest. Realistically, could we get 50 million for him?

Let’s be optimistic and say yes.

Jovic, 22, went to Madrid for 60 million euro.

Chiesa, 21,  although a different type of player supposedly won’t be sold for less than 100 million euro.

Realistically, recouping 50 million for his services won’t put us in a position to replace him with a proven player that is not past his prime. Dzeko is 33 and they still want 22 million for him.

When we are talking enormous losses in potential capital gains over 12 months, is it worth giving him another chance under a disciplined coach? It can’t be doubted that Icardi loves the club and the colors, this has to mean something. How many players see us as a stepping stone towards a “big” club. (Cancelo i’m looking at you). Maybe, at best case, he can rediscover form and be sold 12 months from now for 100 million again.

When we look at the situation, its easy to jump at what is reported – but we all need to take a step back and think, “If this was my 100 million euro player and my money, what would I do?” Surely, loose 50 million and sign an inferior player is not the best option.

Time will tell, but we need to take a Marotta approach and approach the situation in a calm an collected manner.