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Clowns to his circus!


A Monday hangover filled with negativity and disgust. On Sunday, Roma lost, let’s go for those 3 points. Milan lost, we can take distance and take 3rd place. Let’s go against Lazio! We have to win. Spalletti does not call Mauro, it does not matter, there is Lautaro. Lautaro is injured. It does not matter, it’s Keita’s time? It does not matter we are at home and we can achieve it!

The match ends Inter 0 Lazio 1. Spalletti speaking badly of Mauro, Wanda saying that Mauro magically healed his knee and that he is ready to play. Twitter bursts with anger and we risk the qualification to UCL and the calendar is now complicated. It is not possible; it is not possible! it is unreal. I open threads and also publish my tweets.

Interistas, we have never been accustomed to stability. High and low, lower than high and flavors of victory to agony. Let us not be hypocrites, truths and tastes we have tried them of all kinds. From Mourinho to Gasperini, from Ronaldo to D’Ambrosio. To endure and enjoy for Inter we have talked any amount of time, taken innumerable beers at halftime, drunk with passion and excited again waiting for the next game.

Let’s not be hypocrites, because Inter and its surroundings have always been surrounded by football. The magic of football and its resemblance to life itself, nothing is given away. Let us not be hypocritical, because of the least talked yesterday was football. And it’s the same football that Inter is about, because the FC Internazionale Milano is football and football is from this club. Yesterday, however, and for a few months now, what we least talk about is football. We speak of two people or rather three, because there is one that intrudes on everything like bacteria. We are talking about disputes, pride and arrogance. We talk about Mauro and Luciano. If it is so fashionable, then something must be said. Without discipleship or messianic admiration.

The first of them, our number 9 who by the way I so many times celebrated his goals, but never his captaincy. So many times I admired his technical quality, but not his human quality, which I always questioned. From the Maxi episode, his autobiography joke, going through his absence at Astori’s funeral and refusing to go with the team to Vienna; the constant request of increase of salary between other chapters of the nefarious novel. A player with a contract of almost 5 million Euros should lick shit if asked and keep it quiet. Enough to defend a captain who was never worthy to inherit the armband of Zanetti. And of captains we have seen worthy people, but unworthy is the one who puts the name and number on the back first than the shield that has the shirt on the chest. Unworthy is the one who does not have the personality to offer an apology to his teammates – embarrassing! Captain armband or not, problems are arranged talking straight ahead. Not missing a month of training, faking injuries, hiring lawyers to speak for yourself and make you beg to wear the shirt. We have never denied the greatness of Mauro on the field, but in a world where you are a real man and earn the respect is not in Mauro Emanuel Icardi. Each clown to his circus.

The second, our coach. Our beloved and hated Luciano Spalletti. Let’s not be hypocrites, we knew very well that he was not the right coach to guide Inter. I said that he was a small team coach, that he had poor education for the elegance of Inter and that, being honest, I ended up admiring him for putting us last season at UCL with a team with questionable quality. In this case, it is different, we question his leadership ability and he proved capable of returning distrust by taking Inter to the UCL.

However, for every day comes its night, and for Luciano his light is over. It is not possible Luciano, it is not possible after losing a game to go out and talk about Mauro. It was essential to give answers about the game of the team, not to divert attention to a problem that seemed to be waning after the effort of the board. Arrogance and pride should not blind intelligence; whoever gets angry loses, I was taught as a boy. I have admired his courage to defend his own point of view, the performance of the team in some games like the derby and the hard-fought way to face the great internal problems of Inter (FFP, changes of sport directors, etc). Even so, this season has been a failure and calling it another way is mediocrity. I question the way in which the coach put together the team when betting on players who did not end up performing, a performance that he should have promoted. Eliminated from UCL in the group stage, eliminated from Coppa Italia and the UCL qualification is now at risk. Many praised the decision not to summon the number 9, others reproached it. I preferred to question your intelligence, by not summoning and not knowing how to gestate a situation that finally proved to put your ego before the good of Inter. “I do not call him and if we win, I win. If we lose we talk about his indiscipline and I still win.” This is not how it works, Luciano, because Inter lose. We all lose. Each clown to his circus.

I perfectly remember the Totti scandal in Rome, it is not the first time that arrogance blinds the coach. I also remember Mourinho knowing how to take Balotelli in the season in which he takes off his shirt and throws it away. However, we needed to take the player’s hand and he knew how to handle the situation for the better (achieved goals). The problems must be resolved inside; they should not be ventured to the world to make a fool of themselves. Gentleman have no memory, Interistas do not have to pay for sinners. The circus is for clowns and clowns are for circus.

Let’s not be hypocrites, let’s say the truth. That Mauro was never a captain and true leader in the locker room. That Luciano was never the right profile for Inter. Our history is very big for them. That both are not up for to the institution and the fans who die for this shirt. Let’s not be hypocrites Mauro and Luciano, that to be a captain and coach we should ask Facchetti, Zanetti, Oriali, Mourinho, Mazzola, Herrera.

Should I say it? I’ll say it, you must both go. And with them a rest of players who have not been up to the task.

We demand a new coach, new forward and a new team. May the end of the season arrive soon for all, may the time of worthy people and real men soon arrive. Let’s talk about football again because Inter is and has always been football.

Pedro, an Interista who has had enough of hypocrisies and novels. That he has had enough of the clowns and the circus.

Our history deserves heroes, not traitors or clowns. Each clown to his circus.

Written by: Pedro García