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The last chapter of the Icardi affair?

Our weekly update on the telenovela

Image Via Nazionale Calcio

It seems the storm has passed. Seems. As speculations continue to emerge on the pages of websites and newspapers around the world, here we are close to the conclusion of the Argentinian telenovela. But we don’t know if it will be a “happy after all” kind of finale. At least not for the character we have at heart, our Beneamata Inter. Will Icardi stay? Leave? Play? Undergo surgery? Let’s try to clear things up.

Saturday, the whole neroazzurri world celebrate Inter’s 111th birthday with the hashtag #1nter1st1 but the silence of our ex-captain made the biggest noise. And he claims he loves Inter more than our management itself.

Sunday night, once again, Wanda Nara Icardi was guest as opinionist on Tiki Taka, Italian football talk show. And once again she spoke about the hottest topic in Inter agenda. And no, it is not our path in Europa League or the upcoming Derby but the Mauro Icardi situation.

“Mauro wants to stay at Inter, I work to bring peace” said Wanda during the show, live after Inter played and won against SPAL.

Ok, good. But when? And how?

The relationship between Spalletti and the 9 is compromised. Last week, at the end of the physiotherapy cycle, Luciano Spalletti asked Mauro Icardi to train with the team. Icardi said no, claiming he’s still in pain. Spalletti didn’t believe him. Neither do many football experts and fans.

As Spalletti moved away, Marotta walked in. The Icardis asked help to Paolo Nicoletti, Massimo Moratti’s lawyer and a neroazzurro himself. Marotta, Nicoletti, Mauro and Wanda had a positive meeting. But what does this means? Luciano Spalletti doesn’t know. Is Icardi gonna be on the bench for the Derby?

Steven Zhang landed in Milan to try to close the gap between player and club. With this team of suits, it seems like the storm is about to go by.

In the meantime, what’s going on in the dressing room? The game against SPAL brought 3 points so Inter is still in the slipstream of A.C. Milan. And the victory also brought social joy, with Cedric, Nainggolan, Lautaro, Valero, Politano, Ranocchia and Gagliardi posting positive messages on Instagram after the game, finding in their notification the “Like” of their former captain.