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Icardi speaks up with Instagram statement

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The latest episode of the Icardi saga, which has frankly come to resemble a frustrating soap-opera at this point, has the player himself as main protagonist, who had remained silent on the matter up until now.

Earlier today, Icardi released a long statement in Italian on his Instagram account, sharing his thoughts on his past with Inter and on the current situation between him and the club. In general, the text is quite ambiguous and doesn’t reveal any new or shocking information. Yet, certain passages provide some insight in the striker’s view of recent events.

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Here you can find an english translation provided by Inter Worldwide’s own Facebook page.

The statement could be interpreted in various ways, from a farewell letter to a message of love. Parts of it, though, point more clearly towards Icardi’s opinion on this whole controversy. Much of the text, for instance, is dedicating to listing what Icardi feels is proof of his profound dedication to the club, including playing while not at his best physically, refusing attractive offers from other clubs and helping new players understand the importance of the shirt. Whether these claims are convincing or not, he seems to be trying to underline why he shouldn’t have been stripped of the captaincy.

Towards the end of the statement, the striker attacks Inter’s management more directly, writing that “some of those who take the decision may not be acting with love and respect towards Inter and himself”.

Whatever Icardi means with this statement, I think most fans would prefer to seem him do his talking on the pitch rather than on Instagram. Indeed, the only concrete action Icardi can take to demonstrate professionalism and dedication is to rejoin his team on the pitch and fight alongside them every weekend.