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Inter reach their financial objective: more than 150 million earned from UCL

The sporting results achieved this season by the Nerazzurri are also having positive effects on the club's accounts.


With great tournament success comes grand financial benefits for the Nerazzurri as they look forward to the Champions League final in Istanbul. Inter continues to add to their success by clinching a top 4 position in the Serie A and qualifying for the next edition of the top European competition.

The on-the-pitch results have been so good that the financial rewards are also making the Nerazzurri’s coffers happy. According to Tuttosport, Inzaghi’s top priority this season was to finish in the top 4 and qualify for next year’s Champions League. By reaching the final in Istanbul there will be over 100 million added to this season’s revenues. Now with the Champions League qualification obtained for next season, the accounting department can already expect at least 50 million to arrive in the coffers. That’s a total of 150 million earned from this year’s European success.

Qualifying for the next edition of the Champions League will also mean a more peaceful summer of transfers for Inter, according to Tuttosport. This is good news for the club’s management as they will enjoy a much less agitated summer compared to the last couple experienced at the Viale Della Liberazione headquarters. Such positive consequences is also great news for Nerazzurri fans, who will not have to watch another major player sale for strictly budgetary purposes. Inter no longer have to make a profit in this summer’s transfer market, the Turin-based sports newspaper reported.