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Transfer News: Stefano Sensi to Sampdoria

Transfer News: Stefano Sensi to Sampdoria

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An agreement has been made between Inter and Sampdoria for the loan of Stefano Sensi. The deal will be a 6 month loan with no buy option.

Unfortunately the man known as “Mr Glass” has made zero impact on Inter this season. If anything, he has had a negative effect on the team. Considering in the match against Sampdoria earlier in the season, he subbed in before being injured leaving Inter to finish the match with 10 men on the pitch.

As we know, Sensi has so much talent but the lack of confidence and injuries leaves Inzaghi with no option. Sensi will not play, so the loan is the only thing that can be done. I really hope he can perform well on this loan and come back a stronger player.

Although, I do see him being sold in the summer in any case. I almost feel like this is a chance for Inter to showcase Sensi’s talents so a team will purchase him.

However, I don’t get my hopes up as a good run of form is yet to be seen for Sensi in his entire career. He even missed out on the Euro’s earlier in the year because of injury so the bad luck is not just for Inter.