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Materazzi: “Handanovic, Skriniar and De Vrij would have fit in treble squad”

Image via Dudek1337 (flickr)

During his recent trip to China, former Inter defender Marco Materazzi was interviewed by Suning PPSports Tv, a sports channel controlled by the club’s current owners. “Matrix”, as he is known to nerazzurri fans, answered a variety of questions on topics ranging from Chinese culture to the quality of current top defenders. Most relevant to Inter’s present and short-term future, though, were his considerations regarding Josè Mourinho and the current squad.

In fact, when asked whether any of Inter’s current players are on a similar level to those who won the treble in 2010, Materazzi, perhaps surprisingly, mentioned three names. He stated that “Handanovic, Skriniar and De Vrij would have fit well in that legendary roster” and compared them to their potential counterparts: Julio Cesar, Walter Samuel and Lucio.

Materazzi also commented on Josè Mourinho, the man who led him and his teammates to that historic result nine years ago. The defender explained that Mou was able to “form a special relationship with the payers and managed to extract 120% of their potential, they were ready to give something extra for him.” Regarding Mourinho’s potential return to Inter, Materazzi said that he didn’t know what would happen, but still admitted that Mourinho “is one of his favourite managers, if not his absolute favourite, and his support and respect for him will last forever.”