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Spalletti: “We need to play better.”


In the eve of yet an important match by Inter, this time against AC Milan, Luciano Spalletti held a press conference. Spalletti started off by speaking about tomorrow’s derby game:

“When you usually make a bad game, in the next match which is difficult, like the derby, it becomes easier to react. Tomorrow I expect a well-trained Milan, who knows how to be a team at every moment of the game, who knows how to lower and maintain their compactness. They have grown a lot and in fact is ahead in the standings.”

Spalletti expressed his disappointment following the elimination from the Europa League:

“For what we have shown with Eintracht there is sorrow and regret, we could have done more: if we go to look at the game last Thursday, there are many things that need to be done better. But then we have to do a correct analysis, making the evaluations with a clear head to decide what to change.”

“We had to go into the game differently, we also saw it in the first leg: there were chances to pass the round against a strong opponent. Now we need to re-establish what are the roles and tasks, we need to recreate a strong and team-based structure: order is based on the behaviors and decisions to be made.  What is fundamental is to reacquire the qualities we have.”

Spalletti also spoke about Inter’s targets and if Nainggolan and Miranda will make it for tomorrow’s game:

“We need to finish beyond Milan as Milan is a strong team, that is playing good football. We want to reach the top 4, if possible third or second. As for Nainggolan, he will not be on the bench because he didn’t train. We will evaluate Miranda’s condition tomorrow but it will be difficult to have him available: even with the mask it becomes problematic to play. He still has a swollen nose. ”

Spalletti was asked how he is planning to stop Milan’s striker Piatek and why has Inter lost its identity in previous games:

“Anti Piatek Plan? It’s doing things well as a team: it is a very strong player. On an individual level it can be extremely dangerous. Lautaro and Piatek are two very strong strikers who both know how to hurt their opponents and make the difference.”

“Why did Inter lose identity? These are moments that can happen during the championship, they have happened to everyone: the enthusiasm of things can make things easier or more difficult. The team has played even better than how we are playing right now, then making everyone’s qualities available makes a difference. It is true that we did a bad performance, but there were situations that made the moment particularly difficult. We need to do better, however, and we will work more precisely.”

Finally, Spalletti spoke about Brozovic and Keita condition:

“How are Brozovic and Keita? Marcelo has trained properly, there is some doubt but we think we can recover him and use him. As for Keita, it depends on the muscle complication. He did not feel any pain, other than fatigue. It’s available, maybe we don’t use him the whole game but we are able use him.”