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Lautaro’s agent: “He never thought of leaving Inter – He is very happy.”

Image via Inter.it

There were very few doubts, but now they will disappear. Lautaro Martinez does not have the slightest intention of leaving Milan, with all due respect to Betis and Valencia. To affirm this, interviewed by FcInterNews.it, is Beto Yaque, the agent of the Nerazzurri striker:

A few months ago he wanted more space for his client. And Lautaro has scored important goals. I guess now I’m happy.

“He has always been happy. Then of course, like any footballer when he does not play, it was a bit ‘let’s say so, agitated. Perhaps because he always felt he could take the field. But now he has calmed down. He is happy in Milan and hopes for a prosperous 2019 for himself and for Inter.”

So does that mean we immediately deny his possible transition to Betis?

“Lautaro has a 5 year contract with the Nerazzurri, with whom he is well and does not want to leave. He will stay in Milan.”

Now that he plays more it would not make sense to leave.

“He never thought of asking for transferring. He felt the lack of minutes, but still perceived and perceived the affection and trust of fans, society (including chef and storekeeper) and companions. So I repeat. Never ever thought of leaving Inter.”

What did he say to you after the decisive goal scored against Napoli? 

“He felt great happiness. It was what he needed, he took a weight off. We were conscious of having to wait only for his adaptation to Italian football. Lautaro today is a reality. I’ve always known, from the first day we arrived in the beautiful country. To Zanetti I said that he would not have problems and the boy then did his, growing and finding space.”

He is only 21 years old. Can he be Inter’s striker for the next 10 years?

 “This is exactly his goal and the same applies to us.”

With Icardi they can form a deadly partnership

“Outside the field they are friends. I believe that every time they play together, they try, and create danger. Their teammates have an additional referent in attack. So yes, let’s give him time, but there is no doubt that they can do very well.”

Is there anything else you would like to add? 

“Yes. I have to say that various clubs are interested in Martinez. Nothing official, also because Inter did not communicate anything to me. But some intermediary from Seville and Valencia called me, I guess to feel the ground. Indeed it is impossible.” (For Lautaro to depart). 

Source: FcInterNews