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San Siro crowd to Milito – “Diego score us a goal”

Diego 'El Principe" Milito

Diego Milito was on the sidelines as an Amazon Prime commentator when suddenly the crowd started singing his name.

We could see he was instantly moved and filled with happiness. Inter is a home for Milito, and somewhere he has fond memories. He will always have a special place in our hearts as we will have in his.

‘Il Principe’ or ‘The Prince’ as he is known almost broke down in the moment. Then, Milito looked to Luca Toni and said “It’s beautiful” where Luca Toni replied “I understand”.

After the match he made some comments on Inter’s performance and was very happy with the display.

“This is a fantastic evening for the Inter fans, the team played a great game proving itself superior. There is a lot of positive news, from Dimarco’s performance to Dzeko and Lukaku’s goals.”

Lastly, Diego Milito was part of Inter’s treble winning team in 2009/10. He was instrumental in the final as he scored the only two goals in the Champions League final against Bayern Munich.

See more below, as Diego Milito was voted #6 on Inter’s top 20 in the last 20 years.

#6 – Diego “El Príncipe” Milito


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