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Mercato Exclusive: Goalkeeper

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Inter Worldwide will be analysing each position during this transfer window. Where can Inter improve? Do we have the financial capacity this winter? Keep reading to find out more:

Part One:

With the January transfer window approaching, I keep hearing more and more players linked to a possible transfer to Inter. Some of which have no substance, whilst others have some sort of truth. With this guide I will try to help you read thorough the jungle of transfer articles and, hopefully, keep your feet on the ground.

Just a couple of things before I start: most of the information about player values come from the website transfermarkt.com. I find it a pretty reliable source but, of course, these things are never set in stone. Since we are still in FFP, it is not clear (at least for me) how much we can actually spend in this window, so there is a possibility that none of the players in the list will join our team any time soon. Finally, I will try to give at least 2 options for each position. Indium let us begin!


Handanovic has been seeing, more in Italy than in Europe, as one of the top goalkeepers around. For an average Inter supporter, probably Handa is no more (if he ever was…) a solid option to go back at the top of Europe. He is 34, current value €6 M, he’s getting more and more static on the goal line… probably now is a good time to look for a substitute.

Option 1: David DeGea
Age: 28
Value €70 M
Club: Man Utd
Agent: Gestifute aka Jorge Mendes.

He wouldn’t be an option if it wasn’t for his contract, set to expire at the end of this season. With all the movement in the past season in this same position, pretty much all the big clubs are set in that role, except maybe for PSG. With Jose Mourinho recently departing however, this transfer possibility quickly went from ‘very unlikely’ to ‘impossible’ in my opinion.

Possible move in January: 0% Possible move in the summer: 5%

Option 2: Alphonse Areola
Age: 25
Value: €15 M
Club: PSG
Agent: WB-sportmanagement.

Fresh world cup winner, he basically won everything you can possibly win in France with PSG, even if not always on the field. Areola in past years has being linked to numerous teams but he keeps remain loyal to his Parisian club. So far he played 9 games this season in Ligue1 conceding 6 goals and collecting 5 clean sheets, while in CL he played 3 games (Buffon was still banned from the competition) conceding 6 goals. Since he started in the first team, he always had to “fight” for a place on the field (Sirigu,Trapp, Buffon) and never had the right amount of respect he deserved.

He still have a lot of potential and improvement in front of him, but I could definitely see him as an option for our future 11.

Possible move in January: 0% Possible move in the summer: 25%

Tune in to the next edition: RB