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Inter – Slavia Praha Match Ratings


Handanovic – 6.9 – Had himself a good game but was left for dead on Slavia’s goal after making a great first save.

D’Ambrosio – 5.5 – Needed to put that header away early on in the game. Not the best game for Daniele.

Skriniar – 5.2 – not his best. Lost the ball too often during his runs forward. Too many miscues in the back, needed to be a leader, didn’t lead.

De Vrij – 5.3 – like D’Ambrosio, has to convert in front of goal. Lost in the back far too often.

Brozovic- 4.2 – sucked. The most important piece to this lineup did absolutely nothing.

Sensi – 6.6 – wonderful free kick prior to the goal, did what he could with the little support he received. Picked up the pace for a slacking Brozovic when dropped deeper in the midfield.

Gagliardini – 3.3 – Not sure why the tallest guy in our midfield gets bullied around the most, but he contributed nothing to this game except for a nice looking pass that didn’t even get to Lautaro.

Candreva – 5.4 – nothing special didn’t hurt us, didn’t provide anything of note.

Asamoah – 5.8 – Questionable tackle earned him a yellow but was better than most… if that’s some sort of accomplishment.

Lautaro – 4.9 – struggled to get anything going today, couldn’t keep the ball and couldn’t finish the couple of chances he did manage to find. Needs to be better. Seemed like he tried to do Lukaku’s job rather than play his strengths.

Lukaku – 5.1 – slightly better than Lautaro for the fact that he lost the ball less. Robbed of a golden opportunity at the end but like said for D’Ambrosio and de Vrij, those have to be put away.


Lazaro – 5.4 – put in a few dangerous crosses but didn’t have that ability to change the game much.

Barella – 6.7 – Did his best Guarin impression today. Made the difference today the minute he stepped foot on the pitch and was rewarded with a goal.

Politano – 6.5 – Did what needed to be done today. Went right at the defenders, made a couple of chances and basically created the goal with his long run resulting in a dangerous free kick for Sensi.