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Inter president Zhang calls Serie A chief a ‘clown’


Inter’s President Steven Zhang lashed out at the Serie A chief on his Instagram by calling him a ‘clown’. Serie A announced during midweek that five league matches would be played behind closed doors. Then suddenly changed its mind on Saturday and postponed them until May 13.

One of those five matches was the most anticipated Derby d’Italia fixture between Inter and Juventus.

Steven Zhang continued his rant towards the Serie A chief  “Playing around the calendar and always putting the public health as secondary consideration.”

“24 hours 48 hours, seven days? And what else? What’s your next step? And now you speak about sportsmanship and fair competition?”

“Shame on you. It’s time to stand up and take your responsibility! This is what we do in 2020!”

While Inter supporters are backing their President for his strong stand against the controversial move by the league, FIGC has allegedly opened up an inquiry regarding this matter. However, they have not made a comment on this thus far.