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Spalletti to InterTV: “Without fans, it’s not football.”


On the sidelines of the victory achieved in the Italian Cup by Inter against Benevento, the Nerazzurri coach Luciano Spalletti stopped in front of the InterTV cameras to comment on the success of his side:

Bucchi, Benevento coach, said he was proud of his performance. 

“Yes, that’s what I told him at the end of the match, when we went on 4-0 there was a risk that they would stop and we had a little attitude like saying “the game is over now” they always came back trying to lower the goal gap, it was a real match, a difficult game.”

Is there any praise for the boys? 

“Yes, they proved to be professionals in the way they approached this week, and they were ready: in these matches the risk is to lower the quality level a little and make bad moves, as happened last year. This year was very well: we made a small step forward towards the leveling that we get a little at a time, this result allows us to work.”

Do you want to congratulate the less used players who you took to the field today? 

“Yes, they did very well. Ranocchia, Padelli, Candreva, Gagliardini … They finished the match well, without forcing me to make different changes, and I congratulated them tonight and also tomorrow in the locker room.”

A match behind closed doors: how did it feel? 

“It was bad, in the sense that it’s not a game, it’s not that sport or that show that we’re going to recall: if you talk about the show, it’s because there’s an audience that comes to the stadium and has fun. It’s off, it’s not football, it’s not fun: you do not want to be in the stadiums like that.”

Source: InterTV