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Inter to renew key players: Hakan and Bastoni


After the Milan Skriniar fiasco, Inter’s management are committed to avoid a similar scenario with those key players contracts set to expire by the end of the 2023-2024 season: Hakan Calhanoglu and Alessandro Bastoni.

The new Turkish Idol: Renew Hakan

Almost no one had imagined back in June 2021 that the Turk midfielder, coming from the eternal rivals AC Milan, was going to become one of the most liked players of Inter’s current squad. This has happened as Hakan has been one of the most consistent and talented players in Inzaghi’s era, but also because of his constant provocations against Rossoneri tifosi.

However, his contract is expiring very soon and no one in Inter HQ wants to lose the number 20 for free in June 2024. That’s why Marotta and Ausilio are considering to offer him a contract extension until 2026 for an amount of €5.5M + bonuses (the player now earns €5M net). According to Gazzetta dello Sport the Turk would like to increase his salary up to €6M net. Nonetheless the talks are in an advanced stage and there is a positive feeling that both parties will reach an agreement soon.

Keep the Italian Core: Renew Bastoni

Most Interisti and pundits agree that after losing “future captain” Milan Skriniar, Inter should secure the Italian core of the team. One of those key pieces is without doubt Alessandro Bastoni, who’s contract is also expiring by June 2024. He is also one of the most talented left footed and young defenders in Europe. That’s why teams like Tottenham and Manchester City have been following the player for a while.

To avoid another painful loss, Inter management has begun to negotiate with Bastoni’s entourage. However there is still some distance between the parties in the figures. Inter has offered him €4.5M to renew (he earns around €3M with bonuses) but the defender is asking between €5.5M and €6M with bonuses according to different reports. There is still some hope that the parties could agree to reach some formula in the middle. In a recent interview Bastoni said: “Yes, I feel satisfied right now, I’m fine here. My family is fine here, so for now everything is fine.”

Other renewals pending

The first step taken by the management was to renew Matteo Darmian until June 2024. He has demonstrated his importance to the team as of late. This was seen with him even getting the starting spot as Right Wing Back. Similar story with Francesco Acerbi, who is on loan from Lazio, as Inter wants to keep the defender. However, Lazio is asking for €4M which is a figure Inter is not willing to pay at the moment.

Finally, there is the case of Stefan De Vrij, who’s contract ends by June 2023. Inter has offered him a renewal lower than his current salary. However the player wants to keep his salary at the same amount. If SDV doesn’t give an answer by mid-March, Inter is willing to let the player go for free. Chris Smalling would be the ideal replacement as his contract with Roma is also expiring.