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Zamorano “Inter always in my heart”

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Inter legend, Ivan Zamorano was interviewed by Gian Luca Rossi following Inter’s derby win over cross city rivals Milan.

Currently, Zamorano is in Milan accompanying promising Chilean footballers to the International Football Academy. As you may know, Zamorano is still involved in youth development for his home country Chile.

Zamorano went on to speak about the derby which had just happened the day before. Also how he believes Inter must not give up and fight until the end. Even if it seems Napoli may not drop points.

“I’m thrilled to be back home. The derby was a magical evening where Inter were much superior to Milan. We suffered a lot, the important thing is the three points.

“We’re still in the race. It’s a strange league but we haven’t shown the right attitude compared to what Napoli are doing. Seeing the points they have we say it’s over, but anything can happen in football. We can perform a miracle.

“It’s a very irregular championship as Juventus has that problem (losing 15 points) and Roma are also very inconsistent. We have to keep fighting and dreaming, but Napoli will hardly fall.”

Bam Bam also went on to speak about his love for Inter. Even after all these years, he still has a place in his heart for the Nerazzurri.

“I got excited because when I arrived to the stadium I saw 3-4 people with my name on the back. I speak from the heart when we talk about Inter, as Inter is always in my heart.

“Inter is special to me because it’s a team that makes you suffer, that has to do 300% to win. This thing looks a lot like me, my life. That’s why there is this magical connection with the fans, as my career and my life have been like this.”

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