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Inter Lose As Controversy Strikes!


Inter have gone down 3-1 to Lazio with many controversial moments in the match. Unfortunately not much went right for the Nerazzurri.

A match where Inter was the better side for 60 minutes, and then completely lost it in the last 30 minutes.

Let’s look a bit further into some key moments from the match.

That goal – 

It was the goal which changed the match, and Inter had no comeback left in them. The score 1-1 at the time when Dimarco was taken down after passing to Lautaro. Lautaro kept pushing forward as he could not see that Dimarco had stayed down.

A weak shot at the end which Reina easily saved. The Lazio defenders telling Reina to throw the ball out, which he did not do. Lazio played on as Dimarco stayed laying on the pitch obviously injured.

In the end, Immobile would take a shot and Handanovic was good enough to make the save. However, the deflection fell straight to Felipe Anderson who put the ball into the back of the net.

This is where tempers got to an ultimate high point and both Handanovic and Dumfries could not control their emotions. It was an unfair goal and very poor sportsmanship from the Lazio side as a whole.

Unfortunately, we probably won’t see another moment like this for the rest of the season and Inter will be the only ones to cop a disgraceful goal like this.

On the ball –

I actually thought that Inter were the better side for most of the match. Before the penalty to Lazio, Lazio really struggled to create anything dangerous.

Brozovic in the midfield was fantastic, and Barella had moments of brilliance too. For once, Gagliardini didn’t completely suck and I thought he had good moments on the field.

Dimarco was solid on the left, and Darmian was working well on the right. The ball was moving around the pitch at will, but we just couldn’t sustain anything up front. Dzeko had a more quieter game than what we have seen recently. Perisic looked like he found his best position on the field.

The defence did well with distributing the ball and Inter were able to switch from left to right pretty quickly while keeping possession. As mentioned earlier, all it took was the penalty and we completely lost our way.

As Inter have done to start the season to opposing teams, they were on the receiving end of a comeback and just couldn’t swing momentum back in their favour. A poor loss which we’ll need to reflect on and figure out what went wrong.


With so many international games occurring over the past couple of months, it’s only normal that Inter will feel it the most. As we know, Inter had the most players in Italy on international duty.

Especially with the South American players who only played on Thursday night in their respective countries then had to back up only two days later. So that meant flying back to Italy, and then attempting to play while being completely fatigued.

For the European based players, it was a bit different as they played 2-3 games during the break. Luckily they didn’t have to travel as far as some of the Chileans and Argentinians. It’s just too many games in such a short space of time.

I calculated that some of the Inter players have played 10 games over the past 30 days. A match every 3 days is going to take it’s toll, and Inter cannot sustain this for the rest of the season. I can’t wait until these international matches are just over!

Where to next?

Inter are back at home to face FC Sheriff in the Champions League. This could be a much needed confidence booster where Inter will need a win to get back on track.

Prediction – Inter 2-0

As always, Forza Inter!