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There’s A New Sheriff In Town!

There's A New Sheriff In Town!

Inter have finally got a win under their belt in the Champions League defeating FC Sheriff. The final score finished 3-1 deservedly to Inter.

Inter had patches of vulnerability throughout the match, but in the end prevailed with the score in their favour.

Let’s look a bit further into some key points from the match.

Man of the match – 

Vidal received a callup into the starting side which he has been wanting for a while now. I can definitely say that he did not disappoint. Arturo was fantastic today and the standout for me.

In the first half, Vidal got a perfect headed flick-on which Dzeko side footed into the back of the net. A fantastic volley hit to perfection which wouldn’t have been possible without Vidal.

In the second half as Sheriff levelled on the scoreboard, we would see Vidal shine on the pitch. A sublime move into the box with a pinpoint pass from Dzeko had Vidal one on one with the keeper.

Cool, calm and collected – Arturo made no mistake as his powerful shot was too much for the keeper to save. Overall a stunning performance from the Chilean superstar as he finished with a goal and an assist handing Inter the win.

If Vidal stays fit and out of trouble, he will be vital to Inter’s success and ambitions this season.

Poor, poor and poor –

There were multiple players today who just weren’t up to the Inter standard we expect.

Firstly I have to start with Dumfries, he was just horrible. If it wasn’t for the assist, I would’ve given him a 3/10 with that performance.

His touch was disgraceful for a professional footballer, as it was far too heavy on several occasions. His defensive part of his role was close to non-existent and Dumfries just looked a step behind every play. Not much commitment today with his poor attitude.

Secondly we go to Handanovic who has to be better. I think we are all counting the days until Onana is available to come to Inter. The freekick should’ve been dealt with, but Handanovic was just in slow motion attempting to get to the ball.

From 30 yards out, he should not be beaten and especially when the ball was at the perfect height for keepers to stop. It was an embarrassing effort from our number one and capitano.

Lastly, Lautaro has to get a mention here too. I expect more from a striker as he was close to being invisible on the pitch, if not for the last 10 minutes of the match.

For 80 odd minutes I don’t remember him really getting involved and providing anything positive for Inter. He lost the ball a couple of times in the midfield which led to dangerous counter-attacks for Sheriff. Lautaro needs to improve, but it could be from fatigue so I’ll give him an exemption today.

The Defence – 

Last season I was all praise, but this season I’m the opposite. I don’t know what Inzaghi has done, but he has turned our back three into a jigsaw puzzle with pieces everywhere.

Consistently Inter are hit on the break, and if Sheriff was more clinical we would’ve lost the match. Too many times Skriniar and Dimarco were caught high up the field leaving us very exposed at the back.

Bastoni looked good today, but Inter were definitely in control for most of his time on the pitch. Again, I don’t know how but Inzaghi has stunted Bastoni’s growth as he now just looks like an average player so far this season.

The defence was one place I was confident about, but the lack of clean sheets is changing my mind. We are scoring more goals which is great, but there needs to be some greater emphasis put on the importance of defence.

Inter are a more confident side when the defence looks strong and solid. Hopefully we can get back to that “back-three fortress” which we had last season.

Where to next? 

The biggest match in Italian football is coming up – Inter vs Juventus. It’s going to be the toughest match of the season so far, that’s for sure! I hope we can get all three points, but it’s hard to know what to expect at the moment.

Prediction – Inter 2-2 Juventus

As always, Forza Inter