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Handanovic “I’m not a problem for Inter”


Samir Handanovic was interviewed after the Udinese match, where he denied being the problem but said he “can be a solution”.

“First of all we must congratulate Udinese. They won in everything: in the duels, in the intensity, in the management. The match remained in the balance until the end but they did more than us, deserving the success.”

“When matches like these happen, defeats are not random: we have to analyze and work on mistakes. We certainly knew what kind of match awaited us: in the duels and in the second balls we made too many mistakes, they have physicality and we cannot afford these carelessness. they did badly in the restart, we did not give rhythm. In the end we paid on set pieces, it also means that there is little attention. I think it is easy to analyze a game like this, it is clear what happened. ”

“I know what my job is, the players just have to think about training well, I’m not a problem for Inter, I can be a solution. When I’m not playing I cheer for my teammates.”

With Onana sitting on the bench, I think the time is up for Handanovic. Even though Handanovic has been a fantastic player for several years, the tap on the shoulder needs to come so a new era can be started.

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Source: Inter.it