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Inzaghi’s decisions doomed Inter against Udinese

Udinese Inter
Udinese Inter

Inter travelled to Udinese where they lost 3-1, with Inzaghi making disgraceful decisions throughout the full 90 minutes.

Many head scratching moments has led to a lot of fans screaming for #InzaghiOut. I understand where the movement is coming from, but I don’t think Inzaghi’s job is in trouble just yet.

Let’s look further into those decisions, and the match itself.

Inzaghi madness –

Udinese seemed to have the better of Inter for the first quarter of the match, as all Inter could do was concede silly fouls. During the first 30, both Bastoni and Mkhitaryan had picked up yellow cards.

This was all inzaghi needed to pull the trigger. At the 30 minute mark we saw Bastoni and Mkhitaryan taken off for Dimarco and Gagliardini respectively. Gagliardini though? Seriously.

Inter would hold Udinese to 1-1, and actually start to get some rhythm to their play. Inter were on the front foot and could’ve scored on a couple of occasions.

Again though, Inzaghi would change the game out of Inter’s favour. Substitutions of Darmian and Dzeko out and D’Ambrosio and Correa in pretty much stopped everything moving forward for Inter and opened us up massively at the back.

Then the final nail in the coffin as de Vrij was subbed in for Acerbi. I thought Acerbi was Inter’s best so with the score 1-1, a like for like positional change did not make sense to me. Especially with Gosens sitting on the bench.

I don’t like bashing the coach, but there is definitely something going on behind closed doors. The attitude on the field is costing us results along with the poor substitutions being made. Seems like the coach needs to win the trust back of his players.

What did we expect?

In all my years watching football, I think Inter did something I’ve never seen before.

Inter started the match with a back 3 of Skriniar, Acerbi and Bastoni. After 30 minutes, it changed to Skriniar, Acerbi and Dimarco.

At the 67th minute, the back 3 changed again with D’Ambrosio being brought on the field which moved Skriniar to left centreback. So D’Ambrosio, Acerbi and Skriniar were at the back.

Finally with Acerbi being removed for de Vrij we saw D’Ambrosio, de Vrij and Skriniar as the trio.

If we are wondering about why our defence is looking so bad, we should press further into the above. How should we expect the defence to be solid where there is zero chemistry? Partnerships take time to build up and we certainly aren’t allowing for that.

Four defensive partnerships in one match, when during our Scudetto winning season we barely swapped and changed when Inter were winning games. There needs to be continuity as that brings confidence!

The time has come – 

Enough is enough, we need to bring in Onana for Handanovic as the permanent option. Unfortunately Samir’s time is done and he is no longer consistent in between the sticks.

Too many times he is beaten easily and he stands there looking like a statue. His reaction speeds are decreasing over time and that’s just what happens when you get older. It’s part of life.

We have a superstar in Onana sitting on the bench and only able to get time during the Champions League group stages. This change needs to happen in Serie A too. Handanovic is now costing us results way too often, and a younger fitter and more agile player is definitely the way to go.

Inzaghi, open your eyes!

Where to next?

The international break couldn’t have come at a better time. This is the perfect opportunity for players to go play for their country and hopefully find their form again. The passion is missing at Inter right now, so what better way then play some international games with the best players from your respective countries.

As always, Forza Inter!

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