Home Analysis Disgraceful VAR decision hands Juventus win!

Disgraceful VAR decision hands Juventus win!

Inter - Juventus
Inter - Juventus

A handball in the lead up to the only goal of the match was enough to provide Juventus victory over Inter. Final score ending 1-0.

It wasn’t the prettiest of performances from either team. Inter tried to press forward and dominated possession with 70%, while Juventus sat back and hit Inter on the counter.

Tactically, Inter struggled to break down their opponents, as the Nerazzurri would again taste defeat. This is now Inter’s 9th defeat of the season and really puts our top 4 aspirations in doubt.

In regards to the match itself, there was very little to write home about. The opportunities we had, we didn’t take advantage of but the most disappointing thing was how predictable we played.

Rest on your laurels –

When Inzaghi first took over from Conte, the plan was to play through teams and not around. The style of play was supposed to be different but unfortunately as time is going by, it’s the same but we are so much worse than a few seasons ago.

In the match today, we saw a team which looked lost on the pitch. Zero speed, slow build ups and no polish in the final third.

On the other hand, every time we played through the middle today we actually saw success, as Lukaku received and distributed the ball perfectly.

A chance in the first half with Barella and Lukaku linking up was the perfect example, but Barella was unable to put the ball into the back of the net.

However, for large majorities we relied too much on sending the ball out wide and crossing endless balls in the box. The same tactic which we’ve used in every loss this season.

It was like a training match for the Juventus defence, as they licked their lips every time a cross came in and cleared away accordingly.

We definitely have the players to play through teams, as our midfield is super talented. Inzaghi needs to re-evaluate the style of play, as right now we are in danger of spiralling down the ladder.

Where to next? 

We go into the international break at a good time. A week to rejuvenate and charge our batteries is exactly what the doctor ordered.

When we come back at the start of April, we play Fiorentina at home. Nothing but a win is acceptable.

Prediction: Inter 1-0 Fiorentina

As always, Forza Inter!

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