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Reasons why Conte and Inter must not reunite!

Antonio Conte

Antonio Conte has been sacked by Tottenham and already the rumours of an immediate switch to Inter are being suggested in the media.

As we know, Inter won their last Scudetto in 2020/21 with Antonio Conte at the helm. That season, Inter ran riot in Serie A only losing 3 matches all season and topping the league by 12 points to our nearest rivals AC Milan in second.

As soon as the season finished, Conte advised the world he would not be continuing with Inter. Instead we would see heavy links for Conte in England, with both Manchester United and Tottenham interested in securing his services.

Days went by after Inter’s title winning celebrations and more announcements would come. In the end, it was a wild summer with the incoming Simone Inzaghi losing key personnel from that dominant Inter side.

Hakimi, Eriksen, Lukaku and Perisic the big names no longer part of Inter’s squad. Did Conte know that Suning was planning to sell and not reinvest heavily into the club?

Now, we look at Tottenham where the former Inter boss struggled to make his mark. Even with a massive transfer budget bringing in names such as Bryan Gil, Emerson, Bentancur, Kulusevski, Romero, Richarlison, Bissouma and several other players totaling close to €240mil in two seasons, Conte would not win a single trophy.

The most embarrassing part was the failure to defeat Milan in the Champions League a couple of weeks ago.

Money is an issue – 

There are a few issues and our finances are definitely one of them.

Firstly, unless Conte is willing to take a major pay cut, then the idea shouldn’t even be entertained. During his time at Inter, Conte was the highest paid manager in Italy on around €12mil per season. Since the move to Tottenham, he received an increase which took it up to €17mil per season.

From the current standpoint, Inzaghi is on around €5mil per season. Plus Inzaghi still has 15 months to run on his current contract, so a payout would be needed to terminate the contract. Unless the clubs finances have drastically improved in the past 12 months, signing Conte nor even a new coach isn’t an option.

Secondly, signing Conte means a big transfer budget will be provided. Again, Suning’s current financial state is in disarray. The current loan with Oaktree is already a struggle for Suning to pay back, so unless a new owner comes in I don’t see how this is a possibility.

Selling key players to buy cheaper players is not a tactic which Conte will accept. He keeps the important players and then demands money to buy whoever is needed. We saw this perfect example with Lukaku being purchased from Manchester United in Conte’s first season.

Champions League – 

Although Inzaghi has struggled domestically, no one can criticise Inter’s efforts in the Champions League.

Back to back progressions through the group stages must be applauded. Even last season, a win at Anfield where we just fell short of the quarter finals. Then this season, making it through a group containing Bayern Munich and Barcelona.

Arguably, Inzaghi doing something that Conte could not dream of with this Inter side.

Under Conte, we did not progress past the group stages in his two seasons with Inter. Especially with easier groups that contained far less difficulty then those of this campaign.

Even if we look at Conte’s time with Juventus, he never made it past the quarter finals. It’s mind-blowing as those dominant Juventus sides struggled to take it to the next level in Europe. Domestically they were unbelievable, but in the Champions League very average.

Just my opinion – 

Personally, I think the Conte experiment is done and we must move on to other managers. It’s like an ex-relationship, we only think of the good times. In reality, there were bad times too but we choose to block them out.

I agree that Inzaghi’s time is up after this season, as we’ve lost far too many matches this year. Right now, we are sitting on 9 losses and that will continue to grow by the end of this Serie A campaign. Fortunately, we are still in the Champions League and this is a cup we should be putting all our efforts into.

It will be difficult to get through Benfica, but if we can progress then it’s a 50/50 chance against an Italian side and finally anything can happen in the final.

For now, we keep Inzaghi until the season finishes and then invest in a new manager who isn’t Conte. It’s not worth the headaches especially after hearing what he said to the Tottenham owners which led to his sacking. We don’t want that drama again at our club when Antonio isn’t getting his way.

As always, Forza Inter!

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