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We wish you all the best, Christian Eriksen!


Christian Eriksen has officially joined his new club Brentford FC in the English Premier League, after he was deemed unable to play in Italy.

As we can all remember, Eriksen suffered a cardiac arrest while playing in Euro 2020 for Denmark. In Italy, the rules are more strict than other countries so players are unable to play with medical devices attached.


In the case of Eriksen, he has a defibrillator installed to restart the heart if it ever stops. This is prohibited in Italy and players cannot be registered if they cannot meet the criteria.

Moving forward we are happy that Eriksen will be able to do what he loves again, which is playing football. He was professional at Inter, and will always be remembered by our fans. There were times when Conte tested him, and he prevailed.

Christian leaves the club a title winner which he helped play a major part in. We hope you remain healthy and safe in the future, and we will all be cheering for you!

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