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Adriano: “I will always be grateful to Inter!”

Adriano - The Brazilian legend who could've been anything.

Once known as The Emperor, Adriano spoke with Tuttosport in preparation for the upcoming cross-city derby against A.C Milan.

Adriano reminisced about his favourite derby while with the Nerazzurri, “The one against my compatriots Dida and Kakà was simply great, we won 3-2 and I scored two goals, one of which in the 47th minute of the second half. Simply fantastic.

“It was a great one. It was a spectacular sensation to score that goal, it was impossible for me to forget that winning header, which allowed us to defeat our city rivals.”

Interview with Adriano –

Do you think Inter can win the championship and beat Milan in the next derby?

“The Nerazzurri team has great chances of winning the Scudetto again this year. As for the match against the Rossoneri I obviously hope that the Nerazzurri win. But in a game of this importance and so particular, anything can happen.”

Who will be decisive on Saturday?

“I firmly believe that Alexis Sanchez and Lautaro will leave their mark”

Today Inter are first in the standings. After the sales of Lukaku and Hakimi, did you expect it?

“Actually yes, or at least I hoped so. The Nerazzurri have an excellent team, made up of valuable players, such as Alexis Sanchez and Lautaro Martínez. It must be said that there are really many strong players.”

Can we say that Simone Inzaghi’s Inter play better than Antonio Conte’s Inter?

“Simone Inzaghi is an excellent coach, as is Antonio Conte. The results at least, for the moment, are more favorable for Inzaghi.”

Will Inter also be able to beat Liverpool in the Champions League? And then go through the round against the Reds?

“I think so, with commitment and dedication the Nerazzurri will be able to become European champions.”

Your son has signed for Gremio, do you think that one day he can become stronger than you and play for Inter?

“Yes, it’s a possibility that I can’t wait to materialize. Seeing my son at Inter would be an honour, as well as a very strong emotion. He has a lot of talent and works hard. I’m sure he will have a brilliant career.”

You made the Inter fans love you so much, how do you want to greet them?

“I thank the Nerazzurri supporters and ask them to believe in the potential of this great club, which welcomed me with open arms and to which I will be eternally grateful.”

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Source: Transcript above from fcinternews.it