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Us Against Them All


Back in 2015, Luca Carmignani wrote In Inter Veritas, preview available on Google Books, a book in where he clarifies 10 cases of misinformation about Inter. I want to focus on one point: Inter is alone against the media. There is nobody in the Italian media, not even Beppe Bergomi, that would spend sweet words on us. Even Javier Zanetti noticed that in his book Giocare da uomo.

In September 2011, Giorgio Ravaioli on fcinternews.it, wrote about a system, the media in the hands of the enemy, that is “distort” and “violent” at times. The title of the article was Soli contro tutti. Alone, against them all.

Look, I am a supporter and I do feel hurt when inequities damage my team, my club. I try not to descent into polemics and focus on the game, which is the most important side of the football business. I do not do so as a supporter, and I do not do so as an aspiring journalist. But the tension is high, for the first time in almost 10 years. And, like almost 10 years ago, coincidentally Inter is up there fighting for the Scudetto.

Between the bullet delivered to Conte, which was really delivered to the Inter HQ for Antonio Conte, the ugly email of Salvo2410 on Corriere dello Sport, which is another unfortunate case of journalism done wrong, and these new rumors about Ausilio getting the sack for Faggiano from Parma, Inter finds itself facing the problems on the field, as draws against Roma and Fiorentina and defeat against Barcelona could be considered problems, and the problems in the media.

After the games against Udinese and Milan, Conte said it: media is building Inter up, because they will feast on us when thing will get rough. Prophecy? I do not know, I still find hard to separate Conte from the Juventus jersey and Juventus mentality. But it has happened: Inter is not doing as good as it did, because of injuries and episodes on the field, and the media are digging it. But the team, new coach, new tactics and very short squad, is still neck to neck with the record winner Juventus.

So the Curva Nord published their fanzine, and first page is: Soli Contro Tutti. Alone, against them all. The supporters, tightly backing up team and club, a club that has not reacted to the media provocations with the reactivity shown last season by the managing director Beppe Marotta. A club that sometimes fails to support the supporters. But a club that we will love unconditionally no matter what.

On a lighter note, good news from Appiano Gentile: Borja Valero and Candreva are 100% available for our next fixture, against Genoa. And we might be able to call up Gagliardini and Sensi for the bench

The referee for the match will be Luca Pairetto, from Torino. He directed Inter 4 times in his career, with 3 victories and 1 draw, 16 yellow card and 1 double yellow.

His father is Pierluigi Pairetto, one of the best referees in the 90s, who was involved and condemned to 2 years of jail for Calciopoli, due to his relationship with Luciano Moggi and Antonio Giraudo.

His brother Alberto is Juventus Head of Stadium Revenue.

While we are 3 points behind them, with one less game played.