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Inter Vs. Genoa – Press conference

Via Inter.it

Inter is set to bid farewell to 2019 with a clash against Genoa at the San Siro this week. Inter coach Antonio Conte spoke to the press on the eve of the match.


Antonio Conte acknowledge the team’s objective prior to Christmas was to remain as high as possible. Coach said “We have had to face big challenges, it was one of our objectives to be as high as possible before Christmas.”


Coach highlighted the positivity and commitment of young players such as Agoume and Esposito “Young lads have had the chance to train with us and had opportunity to make their debuts. They are growing and have great potential to become part of the Inter’s backbone for many years to come.”


About the availability of players, Conte said “We will assess things knowing we are short on players, there’s one training session left. Brozovic and Lautaro are suspended and will not be available. Sanchez is recovering and edging closer to return but his the decision of the doctors needs to be respected.” He added “I was very worried a while ago because we found ourselves in a situation where we had to make forced choices, the same players were always playing and there was huge risk.”


Many have questioned Inter’s objective this season, here’s what Conte said “Our objective was to become a credible team from the beginning. Those who faced us knew that they were going to be involved in a difficult game. We have been putting in hard work and we must move forward and go beyond the difficulties that we have faced over the past few months. Winnings can deceive you sometimes rather we want to build something big that last over a long period.”


In the end, Conte reiterated the ambition of the club and said “I knew about the project, I knew that it wouldn’t fall in to right place from the start and that it needed to be built slowly. There’s seriousness and professionalism throughout the environment. I like the president’s ambition from the start and I am extremely lucky to be able work with this exceptional group of people.”


Inter has defeated Genoa in their last two encounters by 4 goals to 0 and 5 to 0 respectively. Inter will be looking to reclaim the top spot before heading in to the Christmas break.