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New Project – San Siro residents hit back


Just under 200 residents of the San Siro district have express their perplexity about the new stadium project that A.C. Milan and Inter have submitted to the Milan council. The dispute heated up when A.C. Milan president Scaroni called the area a wasteland, with the little parliament of “Municipio 7” that, allegedly, became a curva.

That is how they like it, the residents: a quiet, livable area. Clearly, the average age at this meeting was quite high. The main concerns were how close the new stadium will be to the blocks of apartments of via Tesio, causing noise pollution, vibrations and poor lightning after the stadium will be up.

Viability is the other issue: the small neighbourhood will not be able to handle intense traffic 365 days per year.

According with the concept of green city, some inhabitants have asked why the clubs have rejected the Boeri Project, a continuation of the Bosco Verticale in the Porta Nuova district. Green could have been the best choice, because of his environmental aspect and because it would have been built far away from habitations.  The explanation came from our CEO, Alessandro Antonello: the Green would have been erected inside the safety zone of the Giuseppe Meazza, making it unsafe for the supporters’ access and exit.

It was also explained that the foundations of the new stadium will be surrounded by acoustic panels to absorb vibrations. And that underground parking will be in place to accommodating visitors.

The clubs have reminded that they are open to dialog, they are interested in the opinion of the residents, they are not imposing their will, they are not hiding any detail from the council and from the people and that the two projects picked, La Cattedrale, allegedly the favorited at this point for its unusual look, and Gli Anelli di Milano are still work in progress renders. They also want to stay in the San Siro district, they have no intention of leaving it, although the most logical plan B will be moving to Sesto San Giovanni.