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Ronaldo: “I don’t have the money to buy Inter!”


Inter’s former star, Ronaldo spoke to Sky Sports about his new role as the owner of  Valladolid. The Brazilian took over the Spanish side last year:

“I don’t have the money to buy Inter.”, Ronaldo joked.

“You work a lot and you earn less and less. I’m very busy and happy with this challenge. I never thought about Inter, the club is in my heart and I’d never rule anything out, but I don’t have the money to buy Inter!”

He continued, “So I’ll continue with Valladolid. Inter are growing, even if Juventus are clearly stronger than all the others. Napoli are doing really well, but Juventus are too far ahead. I’m happy for Inter, even if they disappointed at home in the Champions League. Hopefully they’ll give the fans some joy soon.”

“The draw with PSV wasn’t expected, but it’s normal that there are surprises in football. Spalletti is doing very well, but at Inter you have to win. There’s been a clear evolution though, and we have hope for the future.”

He finalized by speaking about Mauro Icardi:

“Mauro Icardi? He’s a symbol for Inter, an important player. It’s not easy to find a player like him.”

Source: Sky Sports