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Marotta – “Skriniar not necessarily on the market”

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Marotta sat down with DAZN where he spoke of the season ahead, Lukaku, Dybala and most importantly the rumours of Skriniar leaving.

Upcoming season –

“A season full of determination, ambition, courage and desire to win trophies. It is difficult to say if Inter are stronger than the others. You clearly believe you have set up a strong team, but you have to deal with what the others have done.

“At the end of the transfer market, evaluations could be made. I say that Inter must always play a leading role and must therefore necessarily be competitive.”

Lukaku –

“He is part of the beautiful pages of the much-maligned world of football. A footballer who feels the need to return to friends, to his places to wear the glorious jersey that led him to win the Scudetto.

“There was a coincidence of factors that meant that this return could materialize. I found him much more leader, motivated.

“Yesterday in training he lost a match and he was really angry, this means great attachment towards his work. I’m happy that he can be part of our team. ”

Dybala –

“There has been a lot of talk about him. I can simply say that he is a serious, professional guy, but we were and are in place in an offensive sector of great value.

“There was no space, but not because he was not good, but because there was no need. Everything risks being exploited and there is a risk of making a bad impression, but we have an offensive department of great value and we keep it tight.

“I think Rome is ideal for him, for make him feel like a leader. I’m not saying that he can be Totti’s heir, because he is strong as a concept, but he can give satisfaction to the spectators. I wish him all the best.”

Possible sale of Skriniar –

“We have grasped great passion, their faith is an opinion and the state not of protest but of clarification is understandable. On the one hand we have the obligation to make a competitive team, but we also have the duty to look at an economic and financial balance.

“Skriniar is very strong, it doesn’t necessarily have to be put on the market. We have had contacts, there has been a request and everything will be evaluated. The fan must rest assured because the team will always be competitive while respecting the trust they have always given us.”

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