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Inter vs. Napoli – Post match interviews

Image via Clément Bucco-Lechat

Inter couldn’t extend the winning streak against a tough Napoli side. An own goal by Handanovic gave Napoli the lead in the first half. Inter came out in the second half and leveled the scoreline thanks to Eriksen’s belter from outside the box.

Antonio Conte, Christian Eriksen, and Barella said this after the match:

Antonio Conte 

“Today we saw a team that knows what it does and knows what it wants. We have never lost the right way even when something unfortunate happens like the goal we conceded.”

“We wanted to fight for something important and every day I tell this to the lads that personal success comes after, team’s triumph comes first.”

Christian Eriksen

“We came here to win, in the first half we were a bit unlucky on several occasions. But we were good at recovering, we fought hard to equalize and finished the game with a huge point.”

“I’m absolutely right-footed, but obviously I also like to kick with my left as well. I’ve always been used to kicking with both feet. You see me kicking the free-kicks with the right but I could also do it with the left.” 

Nicolo Barella

“We have a goal and a target in mind and it is certainly not a secret. We also know that there are still many games remaining.

Every result, every point, is crucial to our success. This team has found the right balance.”

“We are all committed to our goal and do what the coach wants.”