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Inter Stuns With A Demolition Derby Over Milan!

Inter Milan
Inter Milan

Inter came out all guns blazing in their superb 3-0 win over Milan. We are now through to our first Coppa Italia final in over a decade.

The match was quite even in regards to shots, but Inter were obviously the more clinical side. Let’s look further into the match against Milan.

He’s back!

Lautaro opened the scoring in the 3rd minute after a ferocious volley was too much for Maignan to handle. It was 1-0 early and the Argentine looked fantastic for the rest of the match until his departure.

Another wonderful finish from Lautaro made it 2-0 just before halftime. A pinpoint run kept Lautaro onside as Correa slipped him in on goal before Lautaro dinked the ball over the Milan keeper.

We’ve missed seeing Lautaro put away his chances, and I feel his confidence is back to where it was last season.

For the 3rd time this season, Lautaro has scored two goals or more in a match. Coincidently, two out of the three times have come when Dzeko wasn’t on the pitch.

The question has to be asked, is Dzeko the problem? In the matches where Lautaro has played without Dzeko, we’ve seen better chemistry between our strikers. This is both the case with Correa and Sanchez partnering Lautaro.

Perisic masterclass – 

Another match, another win and another occasion where we talk about how sublime Perisic’s performance was.

I’m lost for words with how much Ivan has grown over the past couple of years. It seems his time at Bayern was life changing, as he’s now a leader in this team with his actions. There is no job which Ivan is not willing to do and it’s the perfect attitude to have.

An absolute menace down the left hand side for us again today, and it’s crazy that we have two of the best left backs in the world in our squad. Every week when I write articles and I ask how far away the renewal of Perisic is.

He is so important to the winning culture, and his effort on Kessie to stop a certain goal amplifies those thoughts. That tackle on the line is superhero like and really shows another side of Perisic’s game which many do not notice. His defensive contributions are second to none.

Please, please, please let’s sign Ivan up for another 3 years!

Mentally strong –

This win over Milan, our closest rivals in the league, must do the world of good. We talk about momentum and confidence, and the 3-0 win must provide loads of that.

Luckily for us, we are hitting our straps at the right end of the season and with only 7 matches (including Coppa Italia final) left to play it’s all on us. We decide our own destiny as it’s clear that Inter is still the best squad in Serie A.

Does that mean that we automatically win the Scudetto and Coppa Italia final? No, but it means that we have every chance because of how strong we are. Both physically and mentally strong I mean too.

You may ask, how is Inter mentally strong? Well, looking back at the results from the months of February and March would’ve broken any team. Our season was hanging by a thread, and the team goes to Turin to beat Juventus. It’s unheard of and praise must be given to the coach for fixing the sinking ship.

We are back on track and where you would expect this champion team to be. Within only a handful of matches, we are back to playing attractive football and on the right path again.

Where to next?

The toughest fixture left in the league as Inter will host Roma. If we can get past this game with the 3 points, then it’s really one hand on the Scudetto.

Of course in this league we know that anyone can beat anyone so none of the remaining fixtures are a certainty, but if we get past this game then my confidence goes through the roof.

Roma are playing some delightful football at the moment and finally look to have sorted their defensive woes. If Inter can get an early goal, then I think we’ll break their structure to open up the game in Inter’s favour.

Knowing Mourinho, he will park the bus and hope for a goal from a set piece. That is why the early goal is so crucial as it will stop Roma from doing exactly that.

Prediction: Inter 3-0

As always, Forza Inter!

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