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Dybala – Nothing to be concerned about!

Dybala in Inter shirt

We have seen Dybala linked with several different clubs including Roma, AC Milan and Napoli but he will soon be an Inter player.

It seems that ever since Dybala played his last match for Juventus, the Inter rumour has intensified. Marotta was the reason why Dybala first signed for the Old Lady, and he will be the reason why Dybala also signs for Inter.

Although Dybala is a free agent, there are still minor details and finances which need to be sorted from Inter. Unfortunately there is still the agent fee to be agreed plus the contract figure per year.

As it stands right now, there is a verbal agreement between player and club. In this day and age, we know that doesn’t mean 100% confirmed until paperwork is signed. We also know that no player will wait forever.

The links to other clubs is only normal, but those links are quickly disappearing. We are pretty confident the Dybala signing is almost done, and now just the final figures being agreed on.

This signing isn’t essential since Lukaku has been added to the squad. However, it would be a fantastic one to get especially since we are strengthening and not our rivals.

If the Dybala signing does happen as we think, then I expect Inter to compete on every front. This includes Champions League, so expect Inter to have a good crack and hope to go deep in the competition.

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