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Brozovic “3 important points for everyone”


Marcelo Brozovic scored the all important winner against Torino and was interviewed by Inter TV after the match.

“This is an important victory, because it came at the end of a tough match. Torino plays man on man across the board and put us in difficulty, which is why the three points weigh even more, and I’m happy they arrived because the fans deserved it.

“We need to have more legs as the recipe is to work hard. In some games the things we usually do have not worked, but we can get back to our levels. Three important points for everyone.”

Right now, Inzaghi’s job is safe thanks to the Brozovic goal. Besides the goal, Inter’s play was pretty close to disgraceful. If there would’ve been a stronger opponent in front of us, the result would’ve been different I’m certain.

As a fan, we want to see the best Brozo, and so far this season he’s been missing. Unfortunately Inter are not the same team with an out of form Brozovic, so let’s hope he can get back to his normal self.

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Source: Inter official website