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Zanetti: “Lautaro always wants to improve!”


Inter legend, Javier Zanetti was interviewed by Argentine website Pagina12 where he spoke of Inter’s recent success and Lautaro Martinez.

Interview with Zanetti –

Inter hadn’t celebrated a title since the 2011 Italian Cup. Last season they managed to become champions of Serie A and recently won the Italian Super Cup against Juventus. Is it the best moment of your management and the club in a long time?

“Let’s say it’s an important moment. We managed to win the championship last year and recently the Super Cup. This is due to a great job by our coach and a very committed group of players. All the components, team, leaders and fans made a very strong union that led us to the aforementioned successes and to continue working in the best way this season. The team has a mentality that leads them to always want to be the protagonist. We have a very clear identity and a lot of personality to overcome difficult moments.”

What has Lautaro Martínez contributed for him to gain such adoration?

“The truth is that I am very happy with Lautaro, because when we bought him we had a vision that was not focused on the immediate, but rather on what Inter could achieve in the next three or four years. He has grown a lot and that is a credit to him because he always wants to improve. He gradually gained an important place in the team and today he is a benchmark for the fans and for his teammates. It also makes me happy as an Argentine because I see that level and that present in the National Team.

What does the task of being vice president of such a strong group consist of?

“When Inter told me that I was going to be vice-president, I was very happy but at the same time I knew that I was assuming a great responsibility. That is why I closed my stage as a player and started the stage as manager from scratch. It was clear to me that I had to prepare myself and I signed up for university to study, because my role is not exclusively linked to sports and I wanted to have a 360-degree vision. Being able to feel useful in different areas. It is a nice task because there are many things to do and I continue to learn from this new life.”

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Source: https://www.pagina12.com.ar/398633-javier-zanetti-hay-que-ir-al-mundial-con-la-intencion-de-ser