Home Interview Wanda Nara: “Icardi cares about his team mates.”

Wanda Nara: “Icardi cares about his team mates.”


Speaking on the Italian TV Programme Tiki Taka, the wife and agent of Icardi, Wanda Nara spoke about the comments of Spalletti after the Lazio game, in which he criticised Icardi for using a lawyer to put on an Inter shirt.

“Spalletti’s comments? Mauro is ready and now it depends on the coach choice. If I would do all the choices again? It depends if you see the situation from inside or not.”

“Mauro wants to play and he expects to play. He cares so much about his team mates and he does not have to say this on social media. If I expect to see him in the squad against Genoa? Of course, I expect him to be called up.”

“The relationship with the Inter fans? When he returns, I expect the affection of the fans, like a big family. This is something that has never been lacking for me and my husband.”