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UEFA List Dilemma

Who will be included in our 25 players list?


If you played Football Manager, you probably noticed this: Inter will struggle to put on 25 players in its UEFA list. Why? Becuase the list must include four players grown in the club for 36 months while they were between 15 and 21 years of age, and other 4 grown in a national club. The struggle is finding our fours.

It could be easily done by including Pinamonti, Dimarco, Vallietti and Radu in the list. But this will mean keeping those players at Inter for next season. And they are not ready to help Inter reaching the goal of being a serious competitor for the Scudetto and the Champions League.

So the club is looking to buy back some of our products that meet UEFA requirements. Four names, four B’s: Biraghi, Benassi, Bessa and Balotelli.

Cristiano Biraghi and Marco Benassi are at Fiorentina and Inter may try to include their profiles in the negotiation for Federico Chiesa.

Daniel Bessa was sold to Hellas Verona back in 2016 and he is currently playing on loan for Genoa.

And last, but not least, Mario Balotelli. SuperMario would be a “parametro zero” sign, as his contract with Marseille is about to end. Could he be the striker that will help Lautaro grow in Icardi’s replacement?