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Third Choice Keeper – Tommaso Berni

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Tommaso Berni has an uncanny ability to extended his playing career year after year. 1998 – Today Berni continues to play the beautiful game.

Late last month Inter renewed Tommaso Berni’s contract till June 2020, allowing the Italian to continue his career with the Nerazurri. Berni who is our current third choice keeper behind Handanovic (No.1) & Padelli (No.2). Having played no minutes in the past few seasons, how does he still continue to renew his contract year after year?

Career so far…

Berni has been around the block when it comes to clubs. With a appearances for many clubs including Lazio, Sampdoria, Sporting Braga and Ternana to name a few.

Tommaso is a former Inter Youth Academy player (1999-2001), but failed to make an impact with the first team during those early years. Moves to Wimbledon & Ternana followed his short spell at Inter, where he made a total of 82 appearances from 2001-2006. All 82 appearances were made while playing with Ternana.

Between 2006-2014 Berni made even fewer appearances. Moves to Lazio, Salernitana, Sporting Braga, Sampdoria and Torino gave him a total of 26 appearances. Approaching the end of the 2014 season, a career spanning 15 years appeared to be ending. Cue F.C Internazionale.

The Reunion

July 2014 Tommaso Berni makes a his dream return to Inter. In an interview at the time with Nagaja Beccalossi for Inter Channel Berni exclaimed “I’m very happy to come back home. That’s what I call it, home. From that faithful return in 2014 Berni has managed to continue as Inter’s 3rd choice keeper. Each year continuing to live out his dream of playing with Inter.

How does he do it?

A question that only he has the answer to really, but lets take a look at the main point.


Berni’s salary is measly in comparison to others who warm the benches of Europe’s biggest clubs. Tommaso earns €200,000 per year, which is nothing compared to the millions earned by players in the current squad. The salary alone makes it easy for Inter to continuously renew the 36 year old’s contract.

Why so happy?

Berni has ever lasting positive outlook on life, that he carries every where. Which can only be positive for the changing room and training grounds of “Pazza Inter” . Adored by a small cult like following of fans Tommaso has every reason to be happy.

Social media

Inter Media House utilize him off the pitch, where he attends club functions including the horrific “Inter Hits” last season and more recently in a YouTube prank video in the Inter Store in Milan. If you haven’t seen the video on the Inter YouTube channel check it out below:

YouTube player


The short video shows the playful man working as a shop clerk, doing things the Berni way.

Tommaso Berni will never make a competitive start for Inter. However the love he has for the Blue & Black side of Milan, a love for the club and the fans. A love that is hard found in professional players of the modern era. Berni will be a club hero when the time of his retirement comes around, but for now lets hold on to our eccentric “Third Choice Keeper – Tommaso Berni”.