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The Run Home – PT 1 Our Next 5



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The Serie A is now entering the final stages of the season, with only 10 games remaining. Unlike previous seasons, this year there standings have never been so close with 9 points separating 3rd and 8th. For Inter the last 10 games have never been so critical ensuring a second consecutive Champions League birth. Throughout this article, each of the last 10 games will be explored, looking at the previous encounter, and evaluating the team’s chances of getting maximum points with only 30 points remaining. Inter’s final competitors are a mix between top and bottom standing teams.

The Next 3 articles will cover the last 10 matches, reviewing all of Inter’s opponents as well as the run home the top 6 teams have. In this edition we will cover our next 5 matches.

Inter VS Lazio

First team Inter face are 6th placed Lazio. Inter will face Lazio for the 3rd time this season. Last time these two met, the match was decided on penalties in the Coppa Italia following a 1-1 draw. This result was enough to knock Inter out of the Cup. These two teams have recently shared a history of hard fought battles. The last match of the 2017-18 season saw Inter snatch the final Champions League spot from Lazio. The last time they met in the Serie A Inter came out 3-0 winners in the nation’s capital. With goals scored by Icardi (x2) and Brozovic it was a truly dominating performance.

Lazio has progressed well since the previous encounter. They have managed to gain some consistency with most recently a 4-1 win over Parma. Although they are currently 6th they have an extra match to be played due to a postponed encounter with Udinese. A win in that match would mean they take 5th place.

Prediction: 2-0 Inter. The main reason for this would be that Inter are playing at home. On top of that the team should be rejuvenated following international break.

Genoa VS Inter

Inter would then travel to Genoa and face the current 13th placed team. Last time the two teams met Inter managed to win 5-0. (Goals: Gagliardini x2, Politano, Mario & Nainggolan). But don’t let this result create the illusion of an easy fixture. The biggest test in this match is the fact that Inter need to travel to Genoa. The reason for that is that Inter have not beaten Genoa in Genoa since 2011. Regardless of form, this statistic alone is enough to cause complacency and play on the minds of the team.

Another factor would be that Genoa just handed the undefeated Juventus their first loss of the season. Where? In Genoa of course. This would give the hosts a newfound confidence which may play into their hands.

Prediction: 1-1 draw. A draw would be a fair result. This would be regardless of the strength in the Inter team.

Inter VS Atalanta

Inter then have the chance to get revenge when they host Atalanta. The last time these two teams met was when Atalanta dominated Inter 4-1 where Icardi scored the only Inter goal. Atalanta will not be easy opponents, and currently sit 7th in the league. Their position can be accredited to them losing only 2 matches out of their last 11 Serie A fixtures. (6W, 3D, 2L). The team have managed to gain consistency and pull together a great run of results. Further this, they are sitting in 7th place only 6 points behind Milan and Champions League qualification.

Inter will have to put together a strong performance in order to overcome Atalanta. The mentality heading into this fixture with the previous result still on their mind need to be removed. The match needs to be approached like every other, and 3 points is a must.

Prediction: 1-0 Inter. The fact that Inter are playing at home is a big boost. Further this Atalanta has lost to Milan (H) and Torino (A). But overall the result will be close.

Frosinone VS Inter

Inter’s next opponent will be when they travel and face Frosinone. The last time these two teams met Inter came out dominant 3-0 victors. (Goals: Balde x2, Martinez). It would be extremely hard to see why this fixture could have a large change in the result. Frosinone have struggled this season, and are currently second last in the league. On top of this, Frosinone have only won 3 matches this season against lowly teams.

Frosinone may not be as easy as the table suggests. As always seen in the Serie A low teams have a tendency to defend well and score on the counter. This fixture should not be considered a walk in the park and every point is critical.

Prediction: 2-0 Inter. Inter cannot afford to lose this fixture, and on paper shouldn’t. Frosinone need a miracle to get any points from this match.

Inter VS Roma

Inter have the luxury in hosting Roma in the second time they meet this season. Roma who currently sit in 5th position hosted Inter in a 2-2 draw. (Goals: Balde & Icardi). Like Inter, Roma have been extremely inconsistent throughout the season. As well as inconsistency Inter and Roma both share the fact that they have been eliminated from all European competition.

Although both teams may be displaying inconsistency they do have a decent selection of players. On top of this the last time they met they both had played Champions league matches only days earlier. This time around both teams should be fully prepared and fatigue should not play a part.

Prediction: 1-1 Draw. Inter would be favourites due to being the host team, but both teams have a lot to play for.

Join us next time for Inter’s final 5 matches