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The Meazza will stand: the negotiation has resumed


Putting transfer market aside, this was an important week for the future of Inter and the city of Milan.

After months of silence, Inter and Milan have met the city council and delivered the new project for an improvement of the existing Cattedrale, the Giuseppe Meazza in San Siro.

The council was clear with the clubs: the city does not want to lose the Stadium, and the Giuseppe Meazza will be standing. At least partially.

The two projects, signed by Manica CMR and Popolous, had to follow the indications that the city has returned them after presenting the two initial projects. And the result is transforming the Meazza area in a sport district where people can live and enjoy it 365 days per year.

Manica has proposed to mantain the whole east side of the stadium, like a big facade, and developing the area from there. This means that only one of the four towers will be standing, together with the “Secondo Anello” helicoidal ramps, built in the middle of the 50s to modernize the stadium and protected by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage for their architectural value. The San Siro Museum will be moved in the Secondo Anello area, too.

Popolous has proposed to split the stadium in half, like a shell, by keeping the Primo and Secondo Anello Arancio and portion of the Curva Nord and Curva Sud. The surrounding will become a green area.

The main idea is to make the San Siro area full of activities for everybody, but keeping alive this beloved monument. There will be build football and futsal pitches, basketball, volleyball and minigolf courts, an athletics track, climbing walls, bowling alleys and children playgrounds.

Another meeting will be booked by the end of January/beginning of February. The deadline for the new Meazza is still set for the 2026 Winter Olympics.