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The ‘Excitement’ is back at Inter!

Inter Worldwide are honoured to welcome guest writer Alberto ‘oldman’ Abrosino, who heads the Inter Club in Rome: BellideRoma Interclub.
It has been a while since I felt like writing about Inter, not so much because of the passion that has never been lacking and will never fail, but precisely because in recent years Inter did not give me opportunities to say something new and above all interesting.
This summer there were important signs about what we could expect in this championship and last night net of the opponent who evidently paid an important technical gap, but he was however aggressive and physically in condition, we finally started to see something new at a technical level.
First of all the game module with two strikers and a “fluid” defense. Pass me this neologism because talking about a three-man defense with Conte on the bench is a huge bullshit. The naked eye defense changes depending on the game situation.
Switch from three to four if the opponent’s game develops on the wing with Asamoah or Candreva that recoil or even five with the two externals behind if it is attacked on both. But as I wrote it is all very fluid depending on the movement of the attacking opponents, for example yesterday I saw in a defensive action Skriniar widen to make the fullback and Asamoah go to the center to cover the defensive line, in the hole left by Skriniar. The mantra is obviously that the exteriors must never be found beyond the ball line and in the case the midfielders must cover the relative defensive holes.
What is certain is that Lecce, however fast, does not have the offensive potential of a top Serie A or European team and certainly this fluidity will have to be tested against teams that propose five or six attackers in attack, to see if the defensive phase is in terms of form that players will hold, but the benefit that is created from midfield to five is enormous and for me it still brings more gains than losses.
With three midfielders and two externals our midfield can only generate two great advantages, the first having an important coverage on defense that very often leads to the suffocating pressure to recover balls, yesterday we recovered many with important counter-attacks.
The second big advantage is the possibility of finding many gaming solutions to restart and overcome the opponent’s pressure in the most important area of the field.
This in the game of Conte, which provides many variations , allows one of the three midfielders to slip between the lines of the opposing teams and create that supernumerary that frees the strikers of one of the central defenders and allows with triangulations to arrive directly at the goal, see goal of Sensi with Tottenham with an assist from Esposito. You will see that this year the midfielders will score a lot.
And finally the two strikers … I dreamed of seeing Inter play with two strikers for years now. To do this I was willing to see Perisic become the second striker close to Icardi with Asamoah going up to the outside and from what I saw this summer I think Conte also tried, but Perisic showed he didn’t know how to do the striker and it was immediately then put on the market because at that striker more harmful than useless considering also the stomach aches of the past.
Thanks to God Conte has very clear ideas on the two strikers, narrow, ready to triangulate between them and not with the exteriors, always with the body looking at the opposing door. In the opposing area there are never less than two men and with the insertions of the midfielders all the opposing defense must be committed, otherwise it is supernumerary in our favour.
Tell me how many crosses or actions you have seen in recent years when Icardi was alone in the area opposed by two or three opposing defenders, hundreds of times! I feel like crying just thinking about it …
I also think what Conte himself said at the end of the game, we need to improve a lot both in terms of phrasing in the restart, still too many errors in passing the ball, and in terms of managing the game.
After the first half hour the team literally stopped and a more “gifted” opponent would certainly have hurt us in that final quarter-hour hour. As a great coach said, it is the ball that must run not the players, the ball does not tire the legs and we often still carry too much ball.
But the first one went very well however the players gave a great feeling of cohesion and the newcomers seemed to know each other for years with the “old” of the rose, a sign that the game system is easy to understand and everyone knows what must do and where to find a companion in case of need.
A great thing that the latter explains is the super super super performance of Candreva. It remains only the last small (euphemism) effort on the market with Joao Mario coming out, to dedicate ourselves totally to this season that at this point it is useless to hide behind a finger, it must be the definitive turning point when Inter comes back in the fight to win all the trophies in which it participates.
– Written by Alberto ‘Oldman’ Ambrosino
BellideRoma Interclub