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The Brozovic to Al Nassr move is on again: Here are the details

Another agreement was made between Inter and Al Nassr that will send the Croatian midfielder to the Saudi Pro League thus ending an eight and a half year career with the Nerazzurri.


It’s been a roller coaster ride of a transfer saga that everyone involved will want to move on from, but Marcelo Brozovic’s move to Al Nassr looks to be coming to a conclusion.

There have been plenty of ups and downs since Inter blocked the transfer after Al Nassr lowered their fee from 23 to 13 million on Friday. By early Saturday, it was reported that Inter were ready to restart negotiations and now a new deal has been agreed to by all parties as the Nerazzurri will receive 17.5 million euros for the transfer fee and Brozovic will become a member of the Saudi Pro League club. With the medical visits complete, all that is missing are the last details and the midfielder’s final ‘ok’.

According to Corriere dello Sport, the final details are as follows. Inter will initially collect 17.5 million. Additional bonuses in the deal could bring that to a total of 20 million. The footballer ended up accepting a contract worth 24 million euros per season, which also includes a series of bonuses, according to the Roman newspaper.

As a result of all of this, Inter are preparing to say goodbye to the Croatian who has been a part of the club for eight and a half years. While saving 42 million gross salaries in three seasons, the club also resolves itself of a rift between the player and the team’s management and medical staff stemming from how the veteran midfielder handled his injury from the World Cup last December.