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The abnormality of this new normality


Many Inter fans, especially long-term fans, are experiencing this summer with a strange feeling of incompleteness. Something is missing in the bar discussions, something is missing in the readings under the beach umbrella, something is missing to keep you awake at night, even if only for a few minutes .

It’s perhaps just a detail, a trifle, but we could be experiencing a bit of…normality. This characteristic is unfamiliar to most interesti, after years, decades of bizarre madness.

Summers spent chasing big names, mirages of phenomena never arriving, unknown and booming names turned into inept or an ephemeral pipe dream. From time to time there was also the stroke of genius, the positive surprise, but in general, we were more accustomed, especially in the summer session, to unpredictable purchases and poorly calculated transfers.

This year, no, this year is different. It’s normal. The new coach, already in the first official interview, just next to our new president, had announced it: “I will try to get back to normal, no more Pazza Inter.”

And so we have had that for at least a month, if not more, our targets have been declared. No room for golden ball illusions or proclamations of Champions League. No, we want Barella and Dzeko. We want a midfielder to give Brozovic some rest if necessary. We have Godin, we need someone who plays down the right wing and, the cherry on the cake would be Lukaku.

Then, if miraculously we still have some budget left, a creative midfielder would not suck. Marotta and Ausilio listened and went to work. Godin, Barella, Dzeko, Lukaku, Lazaro as a winger, in midfield Sensi, for now. That’s enough.

“But there would be Dani Alves free, Rabiot could leave PSG for free and even De Rossi doesn’t have a team, etc etc…” No thanks, we don’t follow the Media sirens anymore, we don’t spend randomly and just because it “Could be a tasty opportunity”.

We no longer go to the supermarket hungry and end up buying crap just because it is on sale! We have the shopping list this time, we have a recipe to follow, very specific directions. No waste, otherwise the Chef gets angry! 

Indeed, to tell the truth, Conte would also have requested cleaning in the kitchen. There are elements that would not be used next year and could go bad, with their market value being reduced. So we sent agents around, we try to place them somewhere else, the Joao Mario, Dalbert, Borja Valero and why not, if we are asked, Perisic, Nainggolan and Icardi. Because the idea is to change the identity of the team. No more fights for talkative wives, nights out or fake injuries, no more madness.

We’re Inter, it’s time to stop talking like a big club and start acting like a big club!