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#1 – Javier Zanetti

In our countdown of the Top 20 Inter players in the last 20 years, we recognise the greatest ever captain Javier Zanetti in 1st...

Inter Clubs Worldwide – Belfast

The season is over (thankfully!) and the Transfer season is not open yet, even if you can read about all kind of names linked...

Inter Clubs Worldwide – Dublin

What better way to celebrate yesterday's victory than with a nice cold beer?! Well, there is a group of supporters that can do that...

Inter Clubs Worldwide – FansLebanon

Maybe Lebanon is not the biggest country in the World, but they are certainly a massive Inter Milan fan base! We cover few weeks...

Inter Clubs Worldwide – Guatemala

After the amazing victory in the Milan Derby, we want to celebrate traveling all the way to the new continent, across the ocean and...

Inter Clubs Worldwide – Lebanon

It may be a small country, but it has for sure a big big Inter community! This week we met Mohamad Abou Merhi, founder...

Javier Zanetti: “Tough draw, hopefully we get through.”

After today's Europa League draw, Inter's vice-president and former captain Javier Zanetti accepted to share his thoughts on drawing Eintracht Frankfurt on Sky Italia. Here...

Inter Clubs Worldwide – Syria

Last week we traveled to Inter Club Norvegia all the way to Norway. In this week's Inter Clubs Worldwide edition we feature, Inter Club Syria. We interviewed Karim Dwair, the founder of the club. 

Inter Clubs Worldwide – Norvegia

After a successful debut coverage of Inter Club Egypt and launch of our new segment Inter Clubs Worldwide, we will travel up north this week to Inter Club Norvegia!

Javier Zanetti – “Win, but do more than that.”

"My new book is different compared to my last one: it doesn’t concern my career as a footballer, but my adventure as a director. This is an important new stage in my life. Many people thought I would only be focusing on the sporting side of things, but for me it’s vital to look at things from all aspects and to make my contribution to all the club’s projects.

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