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Spalletti’s Experiment blows up against Tornio

This week’s Serie A match saw Inter travel to face Torino. It would be an encounter that would shake up Inter’s season. Ultimately Inter...

Player Ratings – Inter Vs Sassuolo

New writer Giuseppe dives into the player ratings and where he stands on Inter's return to Serie A post Saassuolo.

De Vrij: “We could have done better. Godin? I am unsure”

De Vrij took to SKY SPORTS after the match to voice his thoughts on the regretful dropped points at home to Sassuolo. 

Handanovic: The right result

After literally saving Inter's backbone numerous times against Sassuolo, Samir Handanovic seemed in content spirits despite the poor result. 

#EverythingInter: Inter v Sassuolo Preview + Keita Injury & Extension |...

This week on EverythingInter we are honoured to bring you not one, not two, not even three but FIVE #InterWorldwide crew members, really giving the 'worldwide' aspect of Inter its substance

Two Inter players in Opta’s Serie A team of 2018

Two current Inter players have made it into Opta's Serie A team of 2018.

Ausilio has Coutinho & Dybala Regrets

The Inter chief was interviewed by Sky Sport Italia and discussed a couple of the deals that did not go down the way he would have preferred. 

Mercato Exclusive: Goalkeeper

Inter Worldwide will be analysing each position during this transfer window. Where can Inter improve? Do we have the financial capacity this winter? Keep reading to find out more:

Handanovic: “Let’s hope San Siro Remains a fortress.”

"Today it was essential to win to drive away all the speeches, and of course winning at the 90th gives more enthusiasm. In football, details change the matches. After the red at Koulibaly we knew we had to take more risks to win it at the end. Now the match on Saturday becomes even more important."

Spalletti: “A strong Inter today – we deservedly won!”

"I have seen a strong Inter tonight, from beginning to end, we deservedly won because we created many opportunities. Both teams were moving the ball with speed and deserved to win."

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