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Why don’t you want my money?

Written by Siavoush Fallahi for BausciaCafe.com Original article at https://www.bausciacafe.com/editoriale/perche-non-volete-i-miei-soldi/ As all clubs, Inter is going through a financial crisis because of the COVID pandemic. Whilst...

Steven Zhang Talks Business in London

Today Steven Zhang was a guest at the FT Business of Football Summit. The event was organized in London by the Financial Times. Zhang started...

OFFICIAL: Inter Clear of FFP

Inter have met the long-term standing FFP regulations and can now register a full squad in Europe and spend a bit more freely in the upcoming transfer markets. 

Financial Fair Play Key Factor In Inter’s Champions League Exit

Inter left their fans in despair once again after plummeting out of Europe's premier competition yesterday. The 1-1 draw with Dutch Champions PSV Eindhoven wasn't enough to secure qualification and consequently landed Inter in the Europa League. Tuttosport has gone on to report the detrimental effect of Financial Fair Play on Inter this season.

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