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Suning undecided between Conte and Mourinho


Rumours about whether Spalletti will get sacked at the end of the season or whether he will stay, keep swirling around. However, Suning will soon have to make the decision because of 2 reasons; the season has only 4 games left and because Conte who is one of the possible names who could replace Spalletti, continues to be strongly linked with Roma.

The truth however is that at this moment Inter is a bit in the middle between Conte and Mourinho and the cord with Spalletti is not yet definitively broken. Spalletti has a good relationship with Zhang and if Inter qualifies for the champions league for the 2nd season in a row, Suning will have to reflect on his exemption. Another reason is that if Spalletti is sacked, it will cost Inter 25 million euros which would impact the transfer budget for the upcoming transfer window.

Marotta continues to push for a change on the bench, which he believes is necessary for Inter to make the final leap in quality and shorten the gap with Juventus. The first attempt the CEO made with Conte was done through a couple of meetings and there was a sign of understanding that seemed to secure the future of both sides. Zhang continues to be in silence but in the meantime Roma continue to push for Conte, which is a city that is greatly appreciated by the Italian, even if a lot of things still have to be understood and in the meantime Inter are still in the race. On the contrary, somehow the titles recently published on Conte-Roma put some pressure on Zhang, who has no lack of alternatives.

If Mourinho seemed an impracticable hypothesis and not appreciated by Suning, now the idea of a return of the Portuguese starts to interest them who is always in contact with Moratti. The return of Mourinho, a technician of international calibre, would not only attract several sponsors, but would create fervor in the entire environment, and greater attention to the brand. All of these characteristics are of interest to Zhang, who is in charge of a progressive growth that can also pass from names of a certain weight.

In Appiano it’s time for choices, but there’s not much more time to make a decision.

Source: fcinter1908.it